A Picture of Florida Man February20

Florida Man February 20

Police Monday said that a Florida man tried desperately to grab a beer and used hot dogs, a corn stick, and a gasoline station clerk to assault him.

Officials said that Kavan McDaniel (35) threw hot dogs at an employee and poked him with a corndog stick at a Petro station in Marion County. McDaniel’s strange outbreak began when a clerk refused him a beer. The reason for the clerk’s refusal to sell McDaniel beer is not known.

According to the sheriff’s office, “The corn stick attack left a red mark under the victim’s eye.”

Surveillance video captured McDaniel throwing a hotdog at a clerk.

McDaniel was charged with touching the battery and being hit. McDaniel was also accused of violating his probation in Pascoe County.

He is currently being held without bail in prison.

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