A Picture of Florida Man February 18

Florida Man February 18

According to Jacksonville Beach Police Department, a homeless person who claimed to be God’s agent was seen walking in Jacksonville Beach with a large rattlesnake on Monday morning.

Sergeant. Larry Smith said that they received a phone call from First Coast News about a man with a snake measuring 6-8 feet in length. They then told the man to toss the snake into the car of the police officers. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission was called by police, who then successfully captured the snake.

FWC stated that they would move the snake back to its natural habitat. The reason the homeless man was holding the snake is not known. It is also unclear if he was hurt while holding it.

Only six of the 44 snake species found in Florida are venomous. These include three rattlesnakes, the diamond-backed Eastern rattlesnake, and the dark dwarf rattlesnake.

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