A Picture of Florida Man February 15

Florida Man February 15

The classic genre of the chase on the golf green is “The Chase”. His knowledge is still popular in golfers’ minds, from Hollywood to real life. Rarely do we get to witness such a pursuit? We can only imagine the bunker jumps or fishtails on the fairway, but this week was special because the heroic DVR Lady Lake PD captured the mythological pursuit in all its harrowing glory. This is all we could have hoped for and more.

The footage shows Jesse Webb, 29, driving behind the wheel of the stolen Community Watch car. He took it from a district superintendent in response to reports that Webb was running around screaming that people are eating his brains. Webb then veers off for several yards before finally turning into Orange Blossom Hills Golf Country Club. Webb and his cruisers chase each other, weaving in and out between carts and players, with the latter trying to escape. You might think it was hard enough to get up and down the fairway bunker. But, try it in an SUV stolen by the Florida Man (TM).

Webb was not hurt and was later detained. He had been following the city and crashed into a wall at a nursing home in Florida. Webb tried to flee on foot. The Orange Blossom Hills suffered more damage, with reports of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Webb’s zombies are still at large.

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