A Picture of Florida Man February 14

Florida Man February 14

LAKE WORTH Florida. – The camera received another doorbell on another day.

A man was arrested in Lake Worth, Florida for licking Ring’s video intercom.

The camera captures the man repeatedly licking the doorbell.

Many believed that the bizarre behavior was just a matter of time after Ring’s camera captured the first doorbell click in California. The Florida doorbell case shows the man licking and then pointing out what appears to be a stack.

However, that’s not all.

He returns to Florida again to lick the bell before he leaves. In January, another man was captured in Salinas (California) licking the doorbell. Police were able to identify the suspect as Roberto Daniel Arroyo, 33 years old. Police are still searching for him. They say that he could be facing administrative charges for vagrancy and petty theft. The Florida fraudster is still unknown.

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