A Picture of Florida Man February 12

Florida Man February 12

After MPs claimed that he had hit his girlfriend with a burrito, a Pasco County man ended up in jail.

Peter Elakwa (41), was arrested Monday in connection to an incident that occurred last week. According to the arrest report, Eloqua was arguing on Friday with his girlfriend at their Felsdale Avenue house in Port Ritchie, when the incident occurred.

According to deputies, Elakwa forced the woman into a chair, pushed her towards the wall, and then threw his burrito at the woman, hitting her left side.

According to the arrest report, the victim’s burrito was found on the face, neck, and shoulders of the deputy who arrived at the scene.

Eloqua fled the scene shortly after the incident. MPs called Eloqua to report the charges against her, but he refused to cooperate with them and didn’t tell them where he was. According to the arrest report, he then switched off his phone.

The deputies were able to locate Elaqua and make an arrest for domestic violence.

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