A Picture of Florida Man February 1

Florida Man February 1

After an infected coyote bit three people, the resort at Kissimmee is now under a rabies alert.

News 13 reports that a coyote attacked a man who was walking on the Emerald Island Resort sidewalk. Although the man tried to scare off the coyote, the animal kept coming closer and he responded with a swift kick. The coyote jumped up a few seconds later and began to move towards Sun Key Place. WESH reports that Gordon Clark was attacked by a wild animal while he was sitting on his back porch. The coyote bit his calf. Clark drove the coyote out of his yard and he flew through two windows to Robin O’Donnell’s home. O’Donnell was out gardening when the coyote attacked and bit her leg.

Tom O’Donnell’s husband told WESH that O’Donnell kicked him and punched him. It didn’t work. “She also hit him with her fist. I then strangled him and then he let go. I then threw him to his knees and sat down on him. ”

According to the TV station, the O’Donnells were able to tie the coyote but he died just before arriving at the animal control officers. Clarke O’Donnell and Robin O’Donnell were both admitted to the hospital for treatment of possible exposure to the virus.

According to the Florida Department of Health, Osceola County, the coyote was positive for rabies on January 29. The department issued a 60-day alert about rabies in the area. Residents were asked to immunize their pets against rabies, and not contact wild animals such as lynxes, coyotes, bats, and foxes.

Call your veterinarian immediately if your pet has been bitten by a wild animal. According to the agency, anyone who has been bitten by wild or domestic animals should seek medical attention.

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