A Picture of Florida Man December 31

Florida Man December 31

Florida Man December 31 was taken into custody Monday morning. They were accused of stealing Patron Tequila in Tampa.

According to the Hillsborough Sheriff, MPs claimed that they found Vidal Escobar and Lemuel Estrada, Humberto Ramirez, and Alberto Obayu taking Patron Tequila bottles from a stolen semitrailer. This was after a driver reported him missing while he was in Tampa for lunch.

They allegedly had 20 crates of tequila in their possession and were able to transport them into a closed-body truck before they were discovered by the MPs.

According to the sheriff, there were 966 cases containing tequila, with a total retail value of approximately $ 507,105.

All four men were accused of resisting an officer without violence, major theft, and the robbery of an unoccupied car. Obaya, 46 was also charged for possessing a banned substance.

The men are currently in jail and are scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

Florida Man December 31 – Story 2

florida man december 31

Florida man used fire extinguisher to dry himself off.
A 54 years old man David Mann was arrested on December 31st by Florida State University police. David sprayed himself on Tuesday night with a fire extinguisher to dry himself off.
The best thing is that the man was not even on fire.
He was found on the top floor of a parking garage trying to spray himself with a fire extinguisher and covered with powder.
According to David, he was drinking all night and then he slept. He woke up in water. He fell into water, he said. He was using extinguisher to dry himself from water and not fire.
He was charged with upto 5 years in prison.

Florida Man December 31 – Story

Florida man accused of poisoning girlfriend’s cat

A 45 years old man, Frank Jesse, from Florida was arrested after being accessed of poisoning his girlfriend’s cat.

According to the police Jesse has been binge drinking and her girl friend checked his phone. She found out the texts sent to his friend from Jesse’s phone where he was talking about poisoning her girl friend’s cat.

He found the cat’s behaviour odd and annoying.

According to her girlfriend, she also found search history of “how to kill a cat with poison” on his phone.

He was charged against animal cruelty after witnesses found the cat in pain. They found the cat’s pupils were dilated and it was rotating in circles.

The man stayed in prison for 3 days.

Famous People Born on December 31

1959Val Kilmer, Actor
1995Gabby Douglas, Gymnastic
1941Alex Ferguson, Former Manager of Manchester United
1943Ben Kingsley, Actor
1947Tim Matheson, Actor
1978Johnny Sins, Adult Film Star
1962Lance Reddick, Actor
1977Donald Trump Jr. Businessman
1935Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
1972Joey McIntyre, Singer

Famous Incidents Happened on December 31

1900Indian cheif charged for corruption and theft.
1964World water speed record was broken by Australia
1967Evel Knieve went into coma for 29 years after. a failed attempt to jump the fountains at Caesars Palace
1927Turkish economy crashed and many businesses went broke.
1933Martial law was declared in Rumania
1942Winston Churchill met communist journal Stalin.
1956Saarland became Germany's 10th state.
1963Soviet Union requested credit to purchase wheat from US
1963A massive snowstorm hits the southern states of the US.
1978Taiwan severs US diplomatic relations

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