A Picture of Florida Man December 30

Florida Man December 30

Florida Man December 30 was there, authorities said Saturday that a Florida legislator had arrested the man wanted in relation to major car theft. The suspect was being followed live via Instagram by the police.

According to a statement by the Volusia County Sheriff, the MP confirmed that they were indeed in the right house Thursday night. He used a flashlight to shine through a window and saw the light behind a video that Kevin Gaines was broadcasting.

Gaines, 20 years old, surrendered to police and DeLand lawmakers after they surrounded the house.

Famous People Born on December 30

1984LeBron James, NBA Star
1995Kim Taehyung, Singer
1977Laila Ali, Boxer
1978Tyrese Gibson, Actor
1980Eliza Dushku, Actress
1982Kristin Kreuk, Actress
1961Sean Hannity, Host
1963Mike Pompeo, Politician
1961Ben Johnson, Sprinter
1971Daniel Sunjata, Actor

Famous Incidents Happened on December 30

1922USSR was established on this day.
1927Jamaicans started consuming turkey for Xmas.
1934US refused to join league of nations.
197160 thousands people were deported from Iraq.
1972US halted of bombing North Vietnam.
1984World's deepest cave was discovered in Mexico.
1993Israil and Vatican started recognising each other.
2006Saddam Hussain was hanged to death.
2006North Korea tested its nuclear bomb.
2009Seven CIA agents were killed in Afghanistan

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