A Picture of Florida Man December 27

Florida Man December 27

After bank officials stated that the attack had caused $ 5,000 of damage, the 23-year old man was taken into custody.

Cocoa police have accused Michael Joseph Alexia, of Merritt island, of criminal mischief for almost a month. He was investigating riots at Wells Fargo branch 834 N. Cocoa Boulevard in Cocoa.

According to authorities, surveillance video captured Oleksik at an ATM on Nov 29 and touching an electronic cashier’s touchscreen.

A few days later, Oleksik called back the bank to apologize and explained that he had gone to the ATM because he was angry that it was giving him too much money. He didn’t know how to proceed. Oleksik said that he was too hurry to get to work, and apologized for causing damage to the bank’s ATM.

Wells Fargo reached out to the Cocoa Police Department in an attempt to file charges. Alexis was taken into custody Friday to be held at the Sharps Brevard County Jail Complex in Sharps

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