A Picture of Florida Man December 25

Florida Man December 25

A driver and her boyfriend, who was returning home from Christmas, spotted the sign with keen eyes. They claimed to have received a message from a gorilla claiming he was a naughty child.

Markelle Maddock tried to catch him once more.

She said, “It wasn’t difficult to see against the background green and the gorilla on it!”

Another message came. “Where can I buy milk?” Where to buy milk. Where to buy milk. 

One more thing, perhaps a tweet from a Twitter user who is an expert on hacking billboards across the country: “These people believe that connecting billboards to the Internet would be a good idea. These people are wrong. 

Florida Man December 25 – Story 2

Here is another story about Florida Man December 25. Richard Spurrier was arrested on 25th December for handing over marijuana to people passing by. He said he was doing it as a giveaway for Christmas.

Police says they arrested a 67 years old man in St. Petersburg who had 45 grams of marijuana on him. This incident happened on Saturday at 11:00 PM. Police arrested Richard for handing over marijuana to people for holidays.

Police also found a sword with him while he was being arrested.

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