A Picture of Florida Man December 24

Florida Man December 24

According to police, the man said he wanted “to take a trip back into time” and crashed his Dodge Challenger into Pensacola’s North Davis Highway earlier this week.

At approximately 10:50 AM, the vehicle went through the intersection of North Davis Highway & West Fairfield Drive. It then passed through the main entrance to Advance Tax Services. The car made a quick turn through the middle of the building before stopping at the double doors at its back.

An unidentified driver was not hurt but was taken to the local center for a check. According to a Pensacola Police Department Press Release, no charges have been filed.

Sergeant. Martez Lawrence stated that no one was in the building at the time of the accident.

Allison Bennett, coowner of Pensacola Caskets which is located adjacent to Advance Tax Services is currently awaiting permission for her to re-enter the business.

He said, “They claimed the building was unstable at the back.” “They said they would not allow us to return until the whole building is cleared for security reasons.”

On Sunday afternoon, all manner of office trash, including vacuum cleaners and computers, was scattered throughout the area.

Bennett stated that if it occurred on a weekday, and someone was actually at one of these booths it could be very tragic.”

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