A Picture of Florida Man December 20

Florida Man December 20

PEMBROKE PINES (Florida). According to authorities, the man led other officers in a high-speed chase that resulted in the capture of the suspect. Pembroke Pines police released a press release saying that Thomas Cabrera, 38, was charged with attempted murder.

CBS-affiliated WTSP reported that Officer John Cusack was responding to reports of a drug overdose in a residential neighborhood. Local security services reported that a male and female were sleeping in a car with visible bags of some substance.

Investigators claim that Cabrera, upon Cusack’s arrival, woke up and switched transmission, attempting to leave the station.

Cusack is seen getting in the car to stop it from police body camera footage. Cabrera then takes off, dragging Cusack half a mile before he crashes.

Cusack is expected to survive but will sustain serious injuries.

Cabrera led police on a 20-mile chase, disrupting traffic at rush hour. According to authorities, they found syringes as well as other drugs in the vehicle.

Cabrera was also charged with attempted murder. The station stated that Cabrera was also charged with fleeing and dodging police officers and driving with a suspended license. Cabrera’s passenger was also taken into custody, although it is not clear if she was ever charged.

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