A Picture of Florida Man December 19

Florida Man December 19

Orlando, Florida. According to WOFL a man shot down a Burmese python weighing in at 18 feet and 150 pounds in Florida’s Everglades.

After John Hammond, a wildlife hunter took a photo of the snake that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission shared Tuesday.

As part of the government’s Python Eradication Program, the snake was captured and killed. This massive python was the largest ever caught in the program.

Hammond kept the snake still for 45 minutes.

“He ran off, grabbed his head. Hammond WOFL said that I had to do it because I was being squeezed below my waist.

He then slowly dragged him onto the truck.

Hammond stated that the snake bags were too small. “I had a tent bag inside my truck. It was hidden in my truck’s tent bag. The tent bag was then placed in the brigade bag. 

The snake thief intends to skin it and then use the skin.

Burmese pythons can be considered invasive FFWC species.

Large snakes are invasive and eat small native species. They have no natural predators, so they pose a threat to the Florida ecosystem.

Everglades hunters make $ 8.25 per hour hunting pythons.

They’ll be able to locate a python that is at least four feet in length and get $50 more.

After four feet, if the kite is longer they receive an additional $ 25 per foot.

According to the WOFL Hammond was $ 450 richer after he got his hands on the 18-foot beast.

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