A Picture of Florida Man December 16

Florida Man December 16

Dignity is not enough. If you want to succeed, you’re just preventing yourself from doing the unpleasant things that can make it difficult, such as maintaining self-esteem.

Take the Florida man who stole a sandwich from the subway. There were many ways he could have done this, but he chose to just stick his entire leg in his pants. He wrote an article about himself and you can read it, buddy.

The Florida police are now looking for him. The leg was stabbed in an unintentional manner. ABC Local 10 News reports that the man paid for the soda, and then left the shop. He then rode off on his bike.

Yes, it’s hilarious. The real gem is the Polk County Sheriff’s response via a lengthy Facebook post. It opens with the immortal phrase “There’s a sandwich theft among us.”

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