A Picture of Florida Man December 13

Florida Man December 13

DAYTONA BEACH (CBS Miami / AP). A man ran naked through a northern Florida airport last year, shouting about an explosion threat, and was sentenced to 10 years probation.

John Thomas Greenwood (27 years old) was also ordered by the court to compensate airlines that were affected by the evacuations that left many passengers stranded.

Volusia County District Judge Matt Foxman established the amounts at $ 4,939 and $ 9,500 respectively for American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. The amount he may be ordered to pay Jet Blue and the airport is not yet known.

Police said that Greenwood ran through Daytona Beach International Airport in solely socks on May 11, 2018. He shouted that a bomb was coming. Before he could run out of the luggage carousel, he disappeared. He was stopped by the police with a stun gun.

The airport was closed for 2 hours, while everyone was evacuated and authorities searched for a bomb.

The sentence of the judge is lower than that recommended by state sentencing rules, which recommends nearly four years imprisonment.

Ryan Belanger, Greenwood’s public defender, stated that his client was addicted and caused the incident at the airport. Belanger stated that Greenwood sustained a head injury from a 2015 car accident.

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