A Picture of Florida Man December 12

Florida Man December 12

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s deputy was cleared of shooting and injuring a naked male as he tried to stop him from entering the house.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, a man called the sheriff’s emergency service on October 20 to report that his son Glen Phillips (26 years old) was under the influence of drugs. He threatened to shoot him at the house. The report was made public on Wednesday. The report states that the father made an appointment to see the store’s deputies, but never turned up.

Later that morning, the father called 911 to report that his son had locked himself inside their Jay home on Highway 4 and refused to let him in. The MPs replied and the father said that Phillips threatened to shoot them with a crossbow.

Phillips was unsuccessfully forced out of his house for several hours by four deputies. They heard Phillips say that he was dangerous and armed.

FDLE investigators were told by MP Kevin Dalglish that he was afraid for his safety and the safety of his fellow deputies when he shot Phillips in the right armpit. Phillips dropped his crossbow and was then treated by deputies before being taken to the ambulance service.

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