A Picture of Florida Man December 11

Florida Man December 11

After a stranger approached her children at a bus stop and followed them home on tricycles, a Lee County mom warned other parents. He then asked them if they wanted money.

Brittany Moreno, Brittany’s worried mother, said that she didn’t know if the boy would come in with her children or pick them up.

Moreno stated that the macabre encounter began Monday afternoon at Moreno’s kids’ bus stop at Yvonne Avenue, 23rd Street Southwest.

“There are many people around, but this guy wasn’t afraid of it at all,” Moreno stated that her children walked two blocks back, chasing after the man.

He just behaved strangely all the time. He circled a bit next to us, then, in the final, he just went along with us,” said Moreno’s nine years old son Xavier.

Xavier claimed that the next thing happened to him and his siblings and caused them to run from the house.

He was asking me, “Do you guys want to make some money?” Then, I refused because I was unsure what he meant. 

Moreno stated that she couldn’t see the man well because he rode off on his tricycle right after she got outside.

Moreno has filed a report with Lee County Sheriff.

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