A Picture of Florida man August 9

Florida Man August 9

(RNN) – We have all been in or seen the results of political controversy on Facebook.

It is often just an endless exchange with catchy phrases and memes in the hope that others will click “like”, to indicate their agreement.

One person might make a mistake or typo and their intelligence turns into fair play, to the point where they are insulted.

These exchanges may seem meaningless, but they are often left in the comments section. One Facebook argument turned into violence in Tampa on Tuesday, and it was not just for the internet. Florida’s election department identifies Sebring as a registered Democrat. However, it isn’t clear what political topic caused so much controversy.

Local media reports claim that Stevens threatened Sebring with explicit messages. He sent threats and threats in the affidavit. Sebring was forced to report to his house with an AR-15 rifle and a Glock compact semiautomatic pistol.

WFLA was told by investigators that Sebring summoned Stevens to his home by signaling. Stevens responded by charging Sebring.

According to police, that’s when Sebring opened fire. Sebring fled the scene but surrendered to police later.

WTVT was told by police that Brian Sebring, 44, went to the home of a Facebook friend and shot him twice for expressing his opinions on a political issue they were discussing online.

Alex Stevens, 46, was the victim. He sustained injuries to his buttocks as well as his thigh.

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