A Picture of Florida Man August 7

Florida Man August 7

According to reports, a Florida man arrested for drunk driving told police that he had also used THC to prepare for Jesus’ return.

After receiving complaints that someone smelled like alcohol and drove through the parking area, Indian River County sheriffs deputies detained Carlos Guillen (22), at Vero Beach Mall on July 27, 2007. Gillen was found by MPs parked in the lot. According to WOFL, the car was still in use. Authorities smelled alcohol and found a half-full bottle of Hennessy inside the vehicle. Gillen, who was asked for his driver’s license, reportedly gave MPs his vape. The news outlet cited affidavits that Gillen had been arrested. Gillen allegedly claimed that he had smoked 400mgs of THC and had drunk alcohol.

Guillen, 22, told the MP that he used THC to “get prepared because Jesus was returning.” Guillen also claimed that he believed he was in Tampa, not Vero Beach. They are located about 140 miles apart on the opposite side of Florida.

Online court records indicate that Gillen was arrested for DUI and released on $ 500 bail. Gillen is scheduled to appear in court on August 20.

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