A Picture of Florida Man August 4

Florida Man August 4

After being shot with a gun, a Florida resident was murdered by Orange County MPs. Orange County, Florida. Five members of the Parliament were placed on paid administrative leave following the death of a man with a machine gun in Paradise Heights (Orange). County Sheriff Jerry Demings stated, “It’s not uncommon to place a deputy on paid admin leave whenever an officer’s firing is occurring.” Friday’s release of a drone video shows Landon Christopher Wooten, 18, running out of his apartment with a pointed object and pointing at the MPs. Wooten is then shot by non-lethal bullets by MPs before he returns to his apartment. Wooten returns with what investigators believe to be a naked gun a second later. Yanai Wooten (the suspect’s mother) said, “This is certainly not necessary.” He was 18 years old, he owned a BB gun and I repeatedly told police that he did not have a pistol. They still believe me when I said this. ”

Demings stated that Wooten surrounded his grandmother on Woodland Drive, near Ocoee Apopka, and West McCormick when the incident started.

Deming stated that Wooten was arrested by the police on the grounds of an armed robbery warrant and aggravated assault warrant.

Demings stated that Wooten’s grandmother opened her door to find the man holding a gun. The MPs backed away with the woman and Wooten encircled himself inside the house. Wooten fled the house at 15:30 with his mobile phone. Members of the special forces placed a hand on his shoulder and instructed him to use his hands. Deming claims that Deming pulled out a gun when he lowers his arms.

Demings claimed that one of the MPs shot a hard plastic bullet at Wooten before he fled into the house and fired at the MPs.

Deming stated that Wooten fired again at the MPs a few minutes later and five SWAT members responded.

Demings stated that Wooten was taken to hospital, where he was declared dead. It is unknown how many shots Wooten and his deputies fired.

Yanai Wooten said Yanae Wuten was the suspect’s mother. “We were not allowed back home last night. We just returned home, and the tear gas is horrible there. Before Thursday’s shooting and standoff, Wooten had a history of criminal convictions. Wooten was convicted in 2014 of possessing marijuana for the purpose to sale, robbery, and probation violation. Demings noted that Wooten was alleged to have used a weapon in a crime.

The shooting is being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

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