A Picture of Florida Man August 31

Florida Man August 31

FORT PIERCE (Florida). According to authorities, the man from Florida was arrested for his belligerence and giving his girlfriend a wet will.

After Joseph Sirechi’s girlfriend reported to authorities that Sirechi was drinking on the living room floor, the deputy sheriff of Saint Lucy County entered the home.

According to the affidavit she stated that Sirechi went with her and her daughter to another home, where Sirechi continued to be aggressive and pulled at her hand on the way back. He then thrust a wet finger into Sirechi’s ear, giving him wet will.

The mother confirmed the story with her daughter. The names of the children were not revealed.

According to the Treasure Coast newspaper, Sirechi has been charged with battery. Although he refused to give evidence in writing, he said that he wasn’t drunk.

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