A Picture of Florida Man August 3

Florida Man August 3

Deputies in Florida arrested a man who allegedly broke into a school and spread feces, cake frosting all over it.

Surveillance footage from Bear Lake Elementary School shows Christian Dominic Shay, 25, jumping a fence at the property around 2 a.m.

Deputies discovered desks, chairs, and drawers in a classroom that had been covered with cake frosting. The floor was covered in frosting, and there were footprints left by the frosting. A trash can contained an open can with frosting, and the child’s sweatshirt was also covered in frosting and feces. Authorities believe that the Florida Man also broke into a window ledge, leaving footprints and feces-covered hands.

A stapler was discovered in a toilet and a frosting-covered, feces-covered TV remote was in the bathroom.

Deputies found a laptop and dirty underwear outside the school.

Deputies were told by employees at the school that they knew the Florida Man from past incidents. He was charged with burglary, petty steal, property damage, and indecent exposure.

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