A Picture of Florida Man August 28

Florida Man August 28

PORT ORANGE (WESH / CNN), – President Elizabeth Albert of Volusia United Educators stated that Brian Wheeler, a longtime teacher, made a terrible decision when he mowed his Port Orange yard in 2017.

Wheeler claims that a neighbor has had problems with Wheeler in the past. He recorded Wheeler and then filed a police complaint. Wheeler was charged for exposing genitals, and hooliganism.

In an agreement to delay prosecution, the whistle-blowing case was dropped. The public disorder charge was also dismissed. Wheeler was not found guilty.

Albert said, “This is someone who has been teaching history to children in our area for more than two decades.”

Wheeler, a Cypress Elementary teacher with an impeccable reputation, was terminated from his position. According to the union of teachers, Wheeler was supported by many parents and colleagues.

However, only a few families with young children were able to do so.

School district officials reprimanded Wheeler and demotion in writing but refused to reconsider their decision. The State Department of Education also investigated Wheeler’s case and found probable causes for disciplinary action in May. In October, the complaint will be reviewed.

Albert stated that a settlement was reached and that the October hearings would confirm it.

According to Albert, the documents, Wheeler would be fined but will retain his teaching skills.

Albert explained, “From this, it follows they believe that he’s still of the level that can teach our children and work with them.”

Albert stated that the union would act as an arbiter for Wheeler’s cause since the school district has not yet done so.

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