A Picture of Florida Man August 25

Florida Man August 25

MIAMI (CBSMiami – On Wednesday, a Florida resident pleaded guilty to sending threatening messages regarding the murder of Jews in Miami federal court.

Federal authorities have announced that Hanson Richard Larkin, 26, of DeLand will be sentenced to a maximum of five years imprisonment. Officials claim that Larkin made contact with the man via text messages and phones in 2017. They became close friends over time and continued to communicate through various social media platforms.

Larkin spoke to the man many times during the two years that led up to August 25, 2019.

On August 24, 2019, authorities reported that Larkin had flown into Miami via DeLand. Larkin sent Larkin threatening texts messages once he arrived in Miami.

(a) “… My first salary paid for a pistol. If I don’t meet with you, it will be mine. ”
b) “I told you how much I hate Jews”
c) “If five seconds of meeting with me are not worth the lives and property of many Jews, then I have no choice but to leave.”
(d) “Chabad lies next to me. Amtrak doesn’t have any weapon protection. Do not force me to make decisions they will regret. ”
(e) “Okay then, but there aren’t dead Jews?”

Larkin was arrested after the Miami man reached out to law enforcement.

Larkin was detained by federal investigators at his workplace on August 27,

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