A Picture of Florida man August 24

Florida Man August 24

A Florida resident was accused of attacking a colleague with an electric knife in the face over a controversy surrounding Christian music.

Caleb Taylor Robinson (26 years old) was found in Big Pine Key’s warehouse. He and a colleague were cooking hamburgers, drinking beer, and listening to music. According to the MPs, Robinson demanded that Christian music be changed by his colleague. Robinson threatened the man with a box knife, according to the report.

Robinson went to the bathroom, where he called emergency services. Robinson broke into the bathroom and knocked down the doors, causing damage of $ 200 to $ 400, according to the sheriff’s department. Robinson was found by the MPs at the warehouse’s edge, lying in a backseat of a car. Robinson claimed that he had “prophesied hell” for the MP who pointed his flashlight at him. Robinson also said that he “prophesies all hellish suffering for them”.

Robinson told MPs that he saw his colleague being seriously injured at the construction site. He then said that he would slit the throat of his colleague and put him in a wood chipper. Robinson claimed that Satan was manifested in Robinson’s sacrifice.

Robinson was taken into custody

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