A Picture of Florida Man August 23

Florida Man August 23

Groveland (WTFF), a Florida man who drives around in his pants and without a driver’s license is charged with multiple drug charges.

The blue BMW drove westward through 50 at 6:00 AM Wednesday morning. According to his affidavit, the license plate of the blue BMW matched that of Brandon Hasel (21 years old) who had his license suspended for the DUI offense on the 7th.

When he was stopped, a Florida man lit “new cigarettes”. He was on his driveway leading to his home.

Groveland P.D. The officer noticed that he was smelling burning grass as he approached. The cop asked him if he had a license.

“No, it was you guys who got it from me.”

Brandon was not wearing pants and told the cop his father was driving the car. He was actually just sitting in the car. Brandon was sitting in the driver’s chair with no pants. According to reports, there were no other people at BMW. According to the cop, his father spoke to him and said that he didn’t drive but was “just picking up trash” after he saw him walking.

The native of Florida was taken into custody

The car’s hood was very hot. The report states that the car’s hood was hot.

He also had his pants in the passenger seat. His wallet contained several debit cards and was inside.

Brandon spoke out about his right to remain silent. He was charged with driving with a suspended license (for a prior DUI) as well as one charge each of possession of methamphetamines and cocaine. Brandon was released on $ 15,000 bail and will be tried on September 17.

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