A Picture of Florida Man August 22

Florida Man August 22

Florida residents are used to riding on their motorcycles.

One motorist, however, didn’t believe his eyes the other day.

A mother and her son were driving along the 95th South Road in Jacksonville Saturday when they noticed a man lying down on a bike, and barefoot, driving a car. He looked completely relaxed and calm. He was not wearing a helmet or shirt (according to Florida law, helmets do not have to be worn by people who have at least $ 10,000 in health insurance).

Rashad Anderson Glespen posted this short video to her Facebook page. It had the caption: “JJ & I had the pleasure watching this in ’95 approximately 15 minutes ago…with??? This man was flying. “Glespen was riding at a good speed, and the guy took her over.

According to the Miami Herald, “I was driving with my son Joseph and we were both confused.” I gave him my cellphone and slowed down (probably 50-60 MPH) to film him as he drove by. It was amazing. It was crazy.

Jacksonville resident was quite surprised by the trick.

She continued, “It’s really great to see something like that.” “But I didn’t stay around after I shot it because it was going to get messy quickly and I didn’t want to get into an accident.”

Glespen stated that this man was not a hiker who went on a long walk.

Despite his dangerous trick, he did not text.

Heath S. Murphy, a St. Petersburg lawyer from the Jones Law Group, said that the unidentified biker could cause serious problems if he was caught by a police officer.

He said, “The athlete in this video can be cited for multiple violations.” He violates F.C. “He violates F.C. 316.2085 (2) for not having his legs and feet on either side of the bicycle. He would be exiled by most police officers for reckless driving and reckless driving. While the statutes may be similar, reckless driving and reckless driving are criminal offenses. “

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