A Picture of Florida Man August 21

Florida Man August 21

Florida man built an operating room at his house to castrate using medical equipment, pain relief, and a camera. The Florida man’s misfortune sounds like something out of a horror film. According to the Highland County Sheriff, an American man was arrested for failing to castrate another man on August 18. Authorities said that the two men met online through a fetish website for eunuchs. In a Facebook post, the Highlands County Sheriff stated that “It’s quite delicate.” This could be called madness.

The deputy arrived at the house just before midnight to investigate an emergency call that was received in Sebring.

A Florida man aged 74 opened the door to the MP and said that he had just had castrations.

According to the Highland County Sheriff, they found a man lying on a blanket with a towel in his stomach who was bleeding profusely.

The statement stated that “Nearby” contained two body parts and was recently closer to the victim.

The authorities discovered that the man’s home had an operating room equipped with pain relievers, medical equipment, and a camera to record it.

According to the sheriff, the victim is in stable condition at the moment.

Authorities claim that the 74-year old man went through a similar process with another man at a local motel years ago, who was very similar to him.”

In a Facebook statement, the sheriff stated that the victim had been taken to the hospital by the previous victim but that law enforcement wasn’t notified.

GateHouse Media Group published this story and distributed it in 22 Florida markets.

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