A Picture of Florida Man August 20

Florida Man August 20

LAKE WORT BEACH (WPTV / CNN – A Florida couple fed a kinkajou mammal, a mammal that is native to Central and South America. The animal did not leave the pair alone and eventually bit and scratched a 37-year old man.

Michael Literski, 37, claims that he and Jillian Hicks believed the kinkajou found on their doorstep on July 24, was a lemur. His innocent-looking eyes caught them’s attention. They left the watermelon to the creature.

Hicks stated that Hicks fed Hicks watermelon to make it friendly. Litersky was unable to leave the house for work the next morning after discovering that the kinkajou returned. Litersky refused to accept the “no” answer.

“So, I believe it was expected. Hicks said that he wanted more watermelon. Litersky shivered as soon as he opened his door. Litersky was bitten by the animal and it scratched Hicks’s shins and shins when he tried driving him away. It’s outside the house. He managed to lock him up in the bathroom.

It was a draw, I think. Hicks joked that he would next invest in kinkajou.

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