A Picture of Florida Man August 2

Florida Man August 2

A Florida man was detained for making an anti-homosexual comment on a waiter’s receipt following lunch at a local restaurant. He also tucked a bill in the blouse of a manager and fled the scene.

According to the Naples Daily News, Frederick Sterry Smith with her companion finished their lunch at Milagro On12 Latin Kitchen in St. Augustine last weekend. However, things quickly went south. Police said that Smith did not leave a tip and wrote “If he wasn’t gay” on the bill. A male waiter called a female manager of a restaurant and asked him to approach a man outside the establishment. According to police protocol, Smith confessed by pulling the receipt from the manager’s hand, then tearing it. He grabbed Smith by the collar and unbuttoned her shirt before pushing the “torn cage” into her shirt.

According to reports, the manager shouted at the aggressor that it was an attack and he left.

According to the Daily News, law enforcement officers were called and Smith was found by the police within one hour.

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