A Picture of Florida Man August 19

Florida Man August 19

PALM BAY (FL) – A Florida man aged 88 was arrested after police claimed he had burned a captured raccoon alive after the animal ate his mango.

WKMG-TV’s Ezra James said that he had lit a match and doused a raccoon in gasoline. James was concerned that the raccoon could infect him with Rabies. James lives in Palm Bay, a coastal community located 75 miles southeast of Orlando.

When a neighbor saw that a raccoon had been killed in a strap made of metal, he called 911.

James claims that the cops killed the raccoon in an attempt to relieve his suffering. According to authorities, unpleasant animals can be captured and released or humanely killed.

James claims he was released after posting $ 2,000 bail for animal cruelty charges that led to the death.

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