A Picture of Florida Man August 16

Florida Man August 16

Martin County MPs discovered the horrific scene at Tequesta’s house on Monday. They saw Austin Harrowf, 19, bending over a bleeding man and ripping parts of his face off with his teeth.

According to The Miami Herald, MPs tried unsuccessfully to remove Harrowff (a Florida State University student) from John Stevens III’s body using stun guns and a dog. He was grunting, growling, and making “animal sounds.” A group of officers eventually managed to drag Harrowf away, while he grunted, growled, and made “animal sounds”. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told reporters that deputies located Michelle Michcon Stevens in the garage where she was fatally stabbed. According to the Herald, Snyder claims there was “terrible violence” at the garage where Harrowff’s husband tried to fight it off.

According to the Herald, the suspect didn’t know Snyder and the attack was “completely unprovoked” and “accidental”. Officials believe Harrowf was under the influence of hallucinogens. Harrowf was also attacked by a neighbor while he tried to help him. He was later admitted to the hospital.

The Herald reports Harrowf was visiting Tekeste with his parents when he became angry and ran from the house. Harrowf was visiting his hometown of Tekeste with his brotherhood. The Palm Beach Post reports the suspect is being sedated at Palm Beach County Hospital.

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