A Picture of Florida man August 13

Florida Man August 13

LARGO (Florida). Police in Florida arrested a man who allegedly deliberately shot down ducklings while they were playing in a puddle.

It happened just before 20:00 on Sunday night. According to police, many witnesses witnessed James Claremont driving his Ford truck westbound along Orange Drive in a mobile home park located in Largo.

The 11 ducklings and a duck were playing in a shallow pool in the middle of the road. Two witnesses, one of them a child, witnessed Claremont intentionally accelerate towards the ducklings and slow down because of a speed bump.

Witnesses shouted at him to stop his car so that he didn’t injure the ducklings.

According to police, he was accused of running over three ducklings before fleeing the area and moving his mobile home across the street.

Two ducklings perished on the spot, while one was transported to a local veterinarian clinic with a fractured bone.

Claremont claimed that there were never ducklings on the road and could not explain why police found blood and feathers on his truck’s wheels.

Even two hours later, police say that he appeared very drunk, with red eyes, watery eyes, and a strong odor of alcohol.

Claremont was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals

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