A Picture of Florida Man April 8

Florida Man April 8

(UPI) — A Florida rower using a camera mounted onto the front of a plank caught his experience with a spinner shark that jumped from the water.

Maximo Trinidad submitted a movie on YouTube revealing footage of paddleboarding Thursday using a”spinner experience” near Corners Beach, near Carlin Park on Jupiter. The movie reveals Trinidad riding the waves along with different rowers nearby if he suddenly collides with a spinner shark that jumps from the water.

Trinidad is knocked off his board, but he climbs again, laughing and seemingly not hurt. “As soon as I saw this large beautiful animal jumping near me, what went into slow motion. I didn’t wish to be on the top and that I believe I’m a fish. Everything was unreal. It was cool,” Trinidad informed WPTV.

The Baddleboarder reported that this isn’t his very first meeting with a jumping shark.” After [the shark] jumped in my left side, two feet, nearly at eye level, and it was remarkable. There was a set of customers alongside me who looked at her with large eyes,” he explained. Said

Daily is Florida Man Day:

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