A Picture of Florida Man April 30

Florida Man April 30

A South Florida man was arrested after authorities said he called a pet shop and threatened to open fire employees indoors. According to the arrest record, 66-year-old Jamie Militana known as Puppies and Rescues, is situated at 8961 Taft Street in Pembroke Pines.

He advised his co-worker he was angry about the claws he purchased from the shop on April 5th. This officer advised the authorities that during the telephone call, Militant insulted the authorities, stating at a certain stage, “I shall arrive at the shop and shoot all of the workers.

I’ve got a shotgun and I’ll do it”Soon thereafter, authorities reported that Militana’s wife called the shop and stated that her husband had been”just joking.”Upon learning of this circumstance, the shop owner called the authorities.

A brief analysis led police to Militant, who, in accordance with shop employees, was the sole customer to purchase two gold scribbled dogs this month. They also confessed that the threatening telephone number matched the one listed for purchasing puppies. When approached by law enforcement, Militant advised the authorities he was frustrated and”overreacted,” but he had no guns.

The bond has been identified with a Broward County judge at $15,000.

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