picture of man known as Florida Man April 28

Florida Man April 28

Florida Man April 28 is a 58 years old furious man who apparently did not like cat hair lying on the couch. This angry old man shot his roommate just because of the cat hair. The suspect of this incident is Craig Tall from Central Florida. This is not the first criminal offence he was a suspect of. He is known for many several criminal offences.

Mr Tall was also charged for armed robbery, shooting into a residential area, and aggravated assault. The investigator found that he pulled out his firearm on his roommate when he got mad seeing cat hair lying on their couch. A roommate of his narrated the incident and said he threatened him that he’d be the next victim.

What did Florida Man April 28 do?

Florida Man April 28, initially denied everything about the incident. According to court room documents, it was proved that he threatened his roommate.

A Casselberry guy is facing several charges after authorities say he shot his roommate because he had been mad about kitty hair being on the sofa. Craig Tull, 58, faces charges of robbery with a firearm, shooting into a house, aggravated battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

He is being held in the Seminole County Jail with no bond.Around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, officials reacted to the 400 block of Ranch Trail, near Winter Park Drive. Tull’s roommate told police that Tull pulled a gun out after becoming mad because there was cat hair on the sofa, according to court records.The roommate attempted calming Tull, but Tull fired in his direction and said,”The next one’s moving in you,” according to court records.After shooting the shot, Tull jabbed the gun from his roommate’s rib cage, resulting in slight cuts and bruises, police said. Nobody was seriously hurt in the shooting.

Tull refused to leave the home after officers came, according to court records. He was finally convinced after authorities called his mobile phone.In Tull’s bedroom, officers discovered that a silver revolver that had the capacity to take shotgun shells and many knives.

From the living area, officers discovered a wooden cupboard with different holes, according to a police record. Police say little projectiles and wooden splinters were discovered throughout the cupboard.

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