A Picture of Florida Man April 27

Florida Man April 27

Perhaps this Florida resident didn’t have the best idea.

According to the Putnam County Sheriff’s reports, Douglas Peter Kelly, Hawthorne, Florida, called MPs Tuesday with a complaint claiming he believed that he was being sold illegal drugs.

A Facebook report by police said that the man had told MPs that he bought methamphetamine a week prior and suffered a “violent reaction” when he took it.

This is not the end of it.

The suspect requested that the anti-narcotics detectives check Kelly to ensure that he was not being carved with or sold drugs. Kelly may have been sold the wrong drug. The suspect stated that he would “press charges” against him.
The deputies told the man, 49 years old, to enter the polling station. They would comply.

The message read: “Kelly drove up to the sheriff’s office and gave the detectives an opaque, crystal-like substance wrapped with aluminum foil.

Kelly was looking to buy methamphetamine. Kelly’s field test proved positive. “

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