A Picture of Florida Man April 19

Florida Man April 19

Christopher Pequin, 33, faces several charges, such as first-degree murder, tried first-degree murder, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, even according to the Polk County Sheriff. Pequin’s unidentified buddy allegedly told her roommate she feared Beijing could kill her when they had a debate that morning.

His girlfriend told her roommate who Pequin” place her hand on her mouth and nose so that she could not breathe,” and she needed a restraining order against him. Pequin subsequently entered a neighbor’s bedroom using a pistol, pointing the pistol in two girls and a different tribe, the sheriff’s office reported.

Beijing allegedly shot its own girlfriend “a few times,” and also her roommate was shot while attempting to shield her, the sheriff’s office stated. 2 roommates handed Pequin their mobile phones and ran into a neighbor’s home to call 911. The girls were taken to a nearby hospital, in which the woman died and her roommate was in a stable state.

Pequin was arrested after fleeing the scene and supposedly attempting to conceal cell phones and weapons,” the sheriff’s office stated. The 33-year-old offender has 18 offenses and 17 misdemeanors.”That is a good illustration of how dreadful domestic violence could be,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement. Polk County’s court documents reveal that Beijing has been sentenced to 2 years in 2017 after begging for an attempted felony charge.

A felony conviction is forfeiture of their right to get firearms permit in Florida unless the individual was reinstated in the State Executive Office of Pardon.

Since the sheriff’s office told NBC News on Monday, it’s uncertain how he obtained the gun. Inmate records demonstrate that Pequeen isn’t eligible for bond and doesn’t have a lawyer named for representation.

There are now 339 offenders on death row in Florida.



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