A Picture of Florida Man April 14

Florida Man April 14

A drunken Florida man was arrested Sunday night at the Sam’s Club parking lot. William Thompson, 57, was lying around the side of the street, such as most Florida guys if their drunken stupor turns into exhausting times.

According to the Miami Herald, the Indian River County sheriff’s deputy discovered him”disoriented” and drained. Obviously, he”appeared drunk”, “talked indistinctly, and didn’t talk clearly.”The deputy noticed the muttering monster was mad. The Florida man was headed to your police vehicle, stumbling and staggering along the street, his bloodshot glass eyes trying hard to ascertain where the floor was.

The deputy asked his title. Was the response. A few hours before, another officer discovered the exact same Florida resident hanging out at precisely the exact same parking lot having an open beer can. He had been quitting cars marked”US Army of God of Veterinarians for the Homeless.” He had been asked to leave.

The reason he had been that there was reasonable. He”had for some sleep”He then became more”belligerent” and started to”undermine public morality” as morality mattered in any way in 2018.



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