A Picture of Florida Man April 13

Florida Man April 13

It has to be hard for a counterfeiter nowadays. Technology has provided us with innovative anti-counterfeiting steps which make it challenging to pass absurd money as something actual. For just one Florida counterfeiter, 20-year-old Tony Jerome Thorbert Jr., things got so bad he began selling fake dollars on Craigslist.

Let us talk to Florida Now to determine how this worked:

According to a press release in the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Crimeline obtained a suggestion in February about a guy claiming to be selling fake currency in an internet advertisement on Craigslist using the headline”Legitimate Counterfeit $.

“The Sheriff’s Office of Economic Crimes ran three undercover buys, also Torbert was detained in the fourth purchase.

When Torbert was detained, deputies using a search warrant entered his home and captured a printer, personal computer and counterfeit money.

Have you any idea just how, when an individual is explicitly and publicly engaging in illegal or hurtful behaviour, you can explain that behaviour as”they’re marketing it”? The same is true for literally marketing your hurtful or prohibited behaviour.

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