A Picture of Florida Man April 12

Florida Man April 12

Stay trendy, Florida guy. On April 12, a police officer at Port St. Lucie, Florida hauled up in a disorderly pickup truck… and discovered a half-naked motorist, surrounded by hot paraphernalia and dressed in clothing, watched more than he anticipated.

Panties together with the words”Breathalyzer” along with also the words”Blow Me” close to his genitals. And attempt to block the truck.

According to the report, the Dodge did begin decelerating nearly to a halt, but just long enough to allow the driver to open the door and toss an unknown black object from their automobile prior to picking up speed. (The thing was not discovered, despite an attempted hunt.) Handcuffs, ” the report stated. underoos. Gel-like hair isn’t common in those people who have recently awakened. Considering that Campbell could be under the influence, Drowdy asked the guy if he’d run a field sobriety test; In accordance with this MP’s report, Campbell laughed and denied, asserting he had gout. Then he refused to permit a deputy to test him for a handicap, which prompted Drowdy to detain him on drunk driving charges.

It was then that the traffic stop created the upcoming sharp turn into the right of this standard. After locking Campbell in his patrol car and hunting Dodge, the report says that Drowdy stumbled upon what he explained in his official record as a”penis ring” with no quotation beneath Campbell’s wallet at the middle console of this truck, in addition to a couple of condoms (hopefully unused) scattered across the vehicle, and — maybe most creepy — binoculars in the passenger seat.

A bag of white powder has been additionally found in the middle console, however (somewhat surprisingly) a police record states that it tested negative for drugs. Campbell, who allegedly asked Drowdy what he would do to”make it go” if the deputy returned to the patrol car, then instantly refused to supply a urine sample and resisted additional efforts by Drowdy to have tested for drug usage, was detected just two previous DUI convictions, in addition to a preceding instance of unwillingness to donate blood or a urine sample or to give a breathalyzer.

(Based on TSG, he has a prior conviction for possession of cocaine and carrying concealed weapons.)He was finally quoted as counting his third DUI in ten decades and refused to concur. But, “overall weirdness” remains absolutely legal in Florida.

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