A Picture of Florida Man April 11

Florida Man April 11

A Florida man flew too near the sun and has been prohibited from ordering pizza after creating a lot of jokes.

Sebastian, Florida resident Randy Riddle was accused of putting fake orders and not paying pizza or sending it to an address that is incorrect, according to the Palm Beach Post. Riddle utilized five different telephone numbers and occasionally used a fictitious name rather than employed a name in any way, according to police.

He submitted a bond of $ 5,500 with a single state in the judge: Riddle should”refrain from calling the pizzeria or some violent calls or his bond is going to be canceled,” stated in an affidavit, based on TC Palm.

In June he called Sebastian’s police division, Sebastian’s mayor’s office, Sebastian’s health division with complaints regarding the character of the food.

“His intention is to deal either about the purchase price of food or about the standard of shipping,” authorities told TC Palm.



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