A Picture of Florida Man April 10

Florida Man April 10

A Florida man will not let his spaghetti go unattended; not even a fork.

After reports of a disturbance by a man, police in Naples were summoned to the Olive Garden.

The cops found Ben Padgett (32), sitting naked near the front door, eating spaghetti with his naked hands.

WBBHAccording to reports, Padgett smelled also of alcohol.

According to the arrest report, Padgett asked for money from people when he approached the restaurant’s doors. When an Olive Garden employee asked him to stop, he became furious and said that he could beat his a-.

Padgett entered the restaurant to ask the staff what type of genitals they had.

Padgett was eventually arrested and smashed his head against the metal partition of the patrol car.

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